Tesla Motors

Write a 5 – 7 page essay that discusses the market opportunity and sustainable competitive advantage on Tesla Motors. Format: single space in 12 font Market Opportunity and Target Market (2-3 pages): What is the problem or need the company aims to solve? Who are the potential customers that have the problem or need the company aims to solve? What strategy would you use for quantifying the number of potential customers? How are potential customers segmented? Which segments has the company elected to target (target markets)? Sustainable Competitive Advantage (3 pages): How is the company’s solution different from other solutions or alternatives to the same problem or need? Who are the company’s direct competitors? What are the competitive advantages of both the company you are researching and its top two competitors? How does the company seek to protect its competitive advantage? 4 sources – please provide all online sources with footnotes. IF YOU HAVE A SIMILAR QUESTION YOU CAN ORDER IT HERE; http://usresearchwriters.com