Strategic analysis, choices, impact, and measurement of Product-positioning map

Phase 3 – (includes revisions to Phase 2)

 Strategic analysis, choices, impact, and measurement of Product-positioning map

of Evaluation of strategies and objectives to achieve most favorable market position of Description of how you would implement your strategies o Milestones (steps for each major initiative with their timelines

o Specific results you want to achieve including market, financial, and product or service goals of Financial projection (minimum three years) of Presentation with audio – see below

o Executive summary – see below

Presentation with audio

The final submission for your project includes developing a PowerPoint presentation with embedded audio files. Each slide must contain an audio file in which you offer insight to the material in the slide and key points the professor should take away from the visual information in the PowerPoint. You should minimize repeating points made in the slide other than emphasizing important components. To put this simply, please do not read the slides verbatim but make sure to add value to what is presented on the slide to improve the understanding of your work. The presentation with audio is a significant component of the final submission, so please makes sure to offer your best work, speak clearly, emphasize the strategic implications of your work, and engage the viewer.

Executive summary (compiled with concise and critical elements from the detailed work) While done as a last step, this goes in front of the report, after the index. A final and allencompassing analysis is presented, along with the recommendations that you would make to the firm’s board of directors. This includes identifying what you recommend, and briefly outlining alternatives considered, key implementation steps, and the impact of the implementation on the company’s performance and competitive position.

Module 7: Develop a product-positioning map with strategic implications for the company.

Conduct final evaluation of alternative strategies and detailed description of selected strategy.

Module 8: Develop detailed implementation and assessment plan.

Complete financial projections.

Create presentation with audio.

Complete the executive summary and insert into the plan.

Complete all editing, verification, and citing of all sources, and insert graphs and illustrations.