PhD Dissertation/Doctoral Dissertation

PhD Dissertation/Doctoral Dissertation

PhD Dissertation/Doctoral Dissertation is a document written by a post graduate student that provides specific details as well researched description of the proposed program. It’s an outline of the whole research process that ultimately gives a reader the overall summary of the issues raised in the project.

PhD Dissertation format

The format for any PhD. Dissertation should consist of;

  1. a) Proposed Title of the PhD. Dissertation/Project
  2. b) The Introduction of/to the PhD Dissertation/Project
  3. c) Objectives of the Dissertation/Project
  4. d) The Problem Statement
  5. e) Literature Review
  6. f) Research Methodology
  7. g) The expected Work Schedule/Timeline
  8. h) The expected Dissertation/Project Outcome or

Contribution of the same

i). References

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