Communication patterns


Identify the phases of relationship deterioration and the communication patterns that accompany each stage of the relationship process. Relate this information to one or two personal experiences of how a friendship or romantic relationship unfolded. Have you ever experienced a breaking up of a friendship or a romance. How did you handle it? What specifically could you have done differently now that you have the perspective of this Communication course?
What are the most important skills needed to repair relationships, in your opinion and based on this chapter’s information? Why? Please support your choice(s). How are your skills now at this repairing process–what do you see as your strengths? you weaknesses? In what areas of Repair would you like to strengthen for your communication skills?
How do you determine when the relationship (friendship, romantic, at work, in school, with family, etc) is beyond repair? Have you been able to “let go” cleanly and move on? If so–How did you do this? Have you had any messy endings with Relationship Communication? Perhaps you have experienced success in repairing a relationship? Those of you who have been successful in this way, please share, if you are willing, what worked? What did you (or / and the other person) have to do? What were the risks? What were the benefits? How might you advise all of us to practice in the future some (or all) of the important relationship skills discussed in this chapter? Please be specific.
Is there much difference in your Interpersonal Relationships and the process of maintaining and repairing these relationships when it is, say, a best friend? How about a work colleague? How about someone in your family? How does the kind of relationship you are having determine which skills are significant for maintaining and repairing other relationships such as these? Please provide examples; share your experiences and understanding. Use the vocabulary from this Chapter.