Essay Questions

Essay Questions

How did Johnson’s Great Society change the lives of citizens in the United States? Discuss programs of the Great Society and their long term effects on the United State.

Identify Dwight D. Eisenhower’s issues with the military industrial complex. What were his warning and why did he think this was a dangerous move for the united states?

Identify the reasons for the Cold War. What were some of the actions that the United States took before, and during the Cold War? What was the Berlin Airlift and how did countries assist the West?

Discuss various facts about life and culture as well as change in the United States during the 1950’s Discuss events that changed the country. Include the Teenager movement.

Discuss the reasons that the United States joined World War II. What 2 fronts were the U.S. troops fighting on, and discuss the major players (leaders).

Discuss the legacy John F. Kennedy left behind.

Discuss the parallels between the War in Korea and the War in Vietnam. Be sure to include reasons and actions. Also include allies for each side during the war.

Identify the important aspects of the dropping of the Atomic Bomb. Why was it dropped, and what was the outcome after the original dropping? Who created the bomb and what was the project called ?

Discuss the civil rights movement by identifying 4 movement of protest demonstrated by African Americans. Identify 2 leaders of the Civil Rights movement and discuss their importance during this time period. What areas of the country were the most discriminatory and why?

Choose 4 Presidents and discuss the foreign policy actions of the Presidents Which of the 4 were the most affective in their policy choices and why?

Choose a 10-year time period from this semester and discuss the Historical events that were occurring during that time period. What is amazing about this time period in your opinion. Be very specific in your discussion.

Discuss the impact and Strategies of D-Day and the invasion. Also include the coordination aspects of the planning.

Identify 3 programs of the New Deal and discuss their long term impact on the United States in terms of their economic impacts currently?

Discuss the impact of the 1920’s on American Society in terms of the genre. What were some of the cultural events happening during the 1920’s and what events during this time led to the crash of the stock Market?

Identify the 3 reasons for the great depression. What was life like during this era for the following: Farmers, people living in Hooverville’s, artists and musicians.

Why did the United States join World War I? What type of fighting and weapons were used? Explain the effects of Shell shock on soldiers.

Discuss the important aspects of the counter culture of the 1960’s. How did they change the societal norms? Identify some of the aspects of their living conditions and social involvement.