Legislative policy

Comply with legislative policy
Question One
Select a major piece of legislation that is relevant to the education sector in your state, for example:
· Education Act
· Child protection legislation
· Anti-discrimination legislation
· WHS legislation

Question Two
Provide detailed responses to the following questions/instructions, with close reference to the Act you have selected.
1. How does the legislation impact upon your role/future job role?
2. What does the legislation require of schools/employers?
3. What are the aims or objectives of the legislation?
4. What principles are the Act based on?
5. Does this legislation conflict with any other legislation directives?
6. Develop a set of procedures that a school might use to ensure compliance with one aspect of legislation you have chosen.
7. Provide examples of actions/behaviors that might be viewed as non-compliant with legislation and explain how they are non-compliant.

Question Three


You have been asked by a staff member to administer a student’s medication as per their medical records on file. You are unsure as to how much medication is required so you search for the student’s personal details on the school’s computer system. However, whilst looking for this information you notice an alarming message indicating that this student’s data has been breached. You are extremely concerned about this because you are aware of the following. According to the school policy and procedures, personal information regarding students and staff is stored on the system and that a breach of this information could have severe consequences for not only staff and students but also for the school.

Consider the above and:

List three potential risks for the student concerned if information about their medical history has been accessed by an unauthorized person.
Explain how you think these risks can be reduced or prevented.
Name two forms of legislation that would be in breach in this situation.
Discuss what you would do in this situation.