Analyzing a Organization

Global Management
Select an organization to analyze using the conceptual tools provided in this course. It can be your company, a public sector organization, an NGO (non governmental organization such as Oxfam). The only constraint on your choice is the size of the organization (it should have more than  ten people). The individual assignment will be your analysis of that organization.

Selecting an Organization

Select an organization in which you have a strong personal interest. For example, select an organization in which you already work, or might be interested in working after graduation, or an organization that is very significant player in a sector in which you work or plan to work (e.g. a dominant firm). If you have ambitions to become an entrepreneur, you might want to select a growing entrepreneurial organization. Because one requirement for the assignment is to interview at least one member of the organization, it can be convenient to select an organization in which you have confidently secure access.

Analyzing the Organization

You should use publicly available information to begin your analysis: the organization’s Web site is often the best starting point. Remember, however, that you are using the Web site as a source of data for the analysis; do not simply copy material off the Web site. Your assignment is an analysis, not a data-dump. In addition, the Factiva,, Wall Street Journal, or Lexis-Nexis database provides useful material on many organizations.

You will need to interview at least one member of the organization (either a current member or one who has recently left it). It can be very useful to make an initial contact with your informant early, to ensure that the person is indeed willing to talk with you. You will find the informant most useful, however, after you have done the preliminary work with the publicly available materials.

Questions to cover in your Analysis:

Your analysis should lead you to answer the following two questions:

Question 1:

Describe your chosen organization paying specific attention to (a) its value proposition- how customers define excellence when it comes to your offering (b) how the firm is currently organized to deliver that excellence paying attention to its culture and covering aspects such as how the organization is structured, how performance is measured and incentivized, and the leadership/management styles? While conducting your analysis, think and describe the key managerial commitments that have shaped your chosen organization both internally and externally. (20%)

Question 2:

Drawing upon the lessons from the course outline the recommendations you would like to make to the board of your chosen organization to (a) strengthen excellence in your value proposition in both home and/or global markets and (b) organize your firm better to deliver that excellence (i.e. culture, structure, leadership/management you covered in the first question). While making your recommendations, clearly outline which area would you like to maintain as it is and which ones require fundamental changes and point out briefly how you would launch any change initiative (20%)