Policy Analysis

Directions: Answer the questions contained in this worksheet to kick-start the process of writing your policy analysis for your final assignment. You can build off of your answers in the completed the worksheet for your final project.

Please select one (1) of the following policy analysis issues in relation to one (1) country for this assignment:

  • Labor policy and globalization.
  • War on Terror and Policy Analysis
  • Research and development policy and globalization
  • Global Issue Policy on Nuclear Weapons
  • Telecommunications policy and globalization
  • Transportation (or Infrastructure) policy and globalization.
  • Public health policy and globalization (Ebola)
  • Environment policy and globalization. (Global Warming) (Climate Change)
  • Energy policy and globalization
  • Citizenship policy and globalization (Human Rights Issues)
  • Monetary policy and globalization (Foreign Aid) (Global Financial Crisis)
  • Agriculture policy and globalization (Food and Agriculture issues)
  • World Hunger and Poverty (Sustainable development)
  • Globalization and Corruption
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