Political science

Evidence and Knowledge

Part I: Formulating hypotheses

Pick up two concepts from the list below and formulate three hypotheses with three different forms of hypotheses including positive,negative, and non-directional relations. After formulating hypotheses, briefly explain Why and how the two concepts you have chosen are related to one another.
Concepts: satisfaction with the government and protest participation
Hypothesis: There is a negative relationship between satisfaction with the government and protest participation.
Explanation: Protest is a political expression of objection to certain policies, events,organizations, and elites. People participate in protest to make their voice heard in society when they are not happy with politics. Therefore, we can reasonably hypothesize that satisfaction with the government will reduce people’s willingness to join protest.
Age Political interest Church/mosque/temple
attendance Sex Re1igiosity
Newspaper subscription Race Ideology
Birthrate Income Economic development
Satisfaction with the government
Education Inflation
Literacy War Support for the ecology
Party choice Trust in politics movement
Freedom of speech Confidence in the military Support for the incumbent
leader (such as president’and prime minister
Electoral turnout Willingness to pay for recycling
Political participation Famine
Life expectancy
Protest participation Poverty

i Part II: Variables in research questions (3 points each)
First, consider this example: “Do political radicals come from rich families?” The statement can be totally wrong, but at least it is possible to identify the dependent variable and the independent variable. The dependent variable is political radicals, and the independent
variable is income of families. It is suggested that families with higher income are more likely to produce politically radical individuals than families with lower income.

Identify an independent variable and a dependent variable in the following research questions.

1. Does citizens’ trust in politicians increase their willingness to vote?

a. Dependent variable:
b. Independent variable:

2. V Does foreign aid lead to the expansion of government in countries that receive aid?

a. Dependent variable:
b. Independent variable:

3. What caused Greece’s debt crisis?

a. Dependent variable:
b. Independent variable:

4. Does the unequal distribution of land result in peasant?
a. Dependent variable:
b. Independent variable

5. In the post-September II era, did an American citizen’s sense of threat reduce support for civil liberties?

a. Dependent variable:
b. Independent variable:

6. Are women more likely to support gun control than men?

a. Dependent variable:
b. Independent variable: