Compile these articles into a wellness magazine. This assignment is designed to make you more aware of lifestyle choices and the effect of choices on overall wellness.�



1. Designer cover
2. Table of contents
3. Cover story
4. Advertising/marketing
5. Editorial
6. What�s new in the world of medicine?
7. Alternative medicines
8. Advice column
9. Healthy eating recipes
10. Wellness Interviews or Fitness Facility Review
11. Final Copy


1 Designer cover: The cover is to be of your own design. It must deal with
the theme of
���� wellness and its effect on lives. The cover must contain the title of your
2 Table of contents: The table of contents will list the articles and page
numbers of the
����� magazine. Be sure to have your articles in the same order you have them
listed in your
����� table of contents. You may want to do the table of contents last.
3 Cover story: The cover story will present facts about you, the publisher.
The cover
����� may be written in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd person point of view. This may be written
in the
����� form of an interview. The cover story must include why wellness is important
to you.
4 Advertising: You must create your own ads. Ads may be full or partial
page. Ads
should emphasize the area of wellness. You may use pictures from magazines,
pamphlets, etc. The ad design must be for your own product. (Have fun with this)
����� (5 ads)
5 Editorial: This should deal with a wellness issue about which you feel
strongly. It can
����� be an issue in the news or a personal issue. (Hint: check out some of the
editorials in
����� newspapers or magazines)
6 What�s new in the world of medicine:
����� So many new developments in the world of medicine and health are being
����� today. It could be a new medical development or a disease which is a threat to
our way
����� of life. This should be a summarized in your own words and work cited.
7 Alternative medicines: This article must deal with a method of alternative
����� used in today�s society. The article must include the positive and negative
uses of this
����� method. It should not be a report of standard medicines used in today�s
society, such
����� as Tylenol.��� This should be summarized in your own words and work cited.�

����� (Hints: magnets, acupuncture, acupressure, etc)
8 Advice column: This article is done in a question and answer format. Your
������� will ask 5 questions pertaining to wellness, which you, �the expert�, will
����������� (5 questions & answers)
9 Recipes: This section is for recipes. You must include 5 healthy-eating
������� Recipes may be taken from other sources. You do not have to make-up your
own recipes. You are to list the amount of fat grams contained in each recipe.
������� (5 recipes)
10 Wellness Interviews: You are to interview 3 people about wellness and their
thoughts and opinions concerning wellness.Write a summary for the interviews about the information you obtained. You should try to interview people of different ages to obtain information which about changes which
�have taken place in their lifetime.�

����������������������������������������������� Or
Fitness Facility Review: You are to feature a fitness facility to offer your
review of the effect it has on people involved with its use. A summary is to written on your review of the facility�

11 Final Copy: The magazine is to be put in the binder or burned to CD and
turned in.