Anthony’s Orchards
This week, using the data from the Anthony’s Orchards website, write a 1-page paper identifying the profit centers, cost centers, and investment centers of the company. What are the indicators that each responsible party uses to evaluate performance? How can a manager evaluate each unit’s performance based on the metrics (with interpretation)? If put in charge of one of the cost centers, which would you want to manage and how would you propose managing it to ensure both short-term success and long-term sustainability?

Ensure you follow ALL instructions:
Kindly add an additional 150 words this account is under a mentor

Avoid phrasal verbs and informal phrases in academic writing.You have to use active voice instead of passive.

Avoid utility words and redundant words in academic writing.

Use current sources, Most sources should be journal articles recently published (from 2013 on wards), or authoritative websites such as WHO.

Ensure you follow strictly the citation guides, as elaborately highlighted in the Purdue Online Writing Lab: