Customer Analysis (20pts) – TEAM

Use the information in Chapter 4 to conduct a customer analysis. This will include at least 5 additional customer interviews per team member (you should encourage your client conduct additional interviews too).

These interviews should not just be with the clients customers. You should also include interviews with non customers (customers of the competitor or individuals who have decided to not even purchase the product or service). There are three sections for this assignment.

The first section is on the client’s perspective. Before you being this second round of customer interviews, you must meet with the client and share your work from the previous week. This includes the customer interviews you conducted, the benefits that you identified, and the final context statement that you developed. The client (hopefully other employees will also participate) should review your information and suggest modifications the list of benefits/values you have identified. The client may also want to change the context statement. Once the client has refined your values list, have them rate those values (high, medium, low) on 3 categories: 1. Which of those values are most important to the chosen customer segment? 2.

How well do they (the client) perform on those values?, and 3. How well does the competitor perform on those values?

The second part of the assignment is to identify what the customers (and noncustomers)

really believe.

You (and the client) should interview the additional customers (a minimum of 5 per teammate). When selecting customers to interview, focus on the particular customer segment that you have selected. You should also interview customers of the particular competitor that you have identified in the context statement. Show these customers/non customers the values list developed with the client (share the full description of each benefit to make sure they understand what you are talking about – saying something like‘ good service’ can mean many different things; you might want to have specific examples) and ask the interviewee to modify the description of the benefits or even suggest other benefits (add to it, etc.). Also, have the customer/noncustomer rate the benefits (high, medium, low). Also have them rate how the client company performs on those benefits and how the competitor performs on those benefits. When interviewing noncustomers,

you are likely to find negative or missing values (something that the client currently doesn’t

offer). Make sure you document these – I would like to see how your benefits list changes during the

interviewing process. For the last part of the assignment, you should compare the client perspective with the customers and identify gaps. Explain these gaps and discuss the opportunity they represent. If you dont find any gaps, then you have not looked hard enough. Talk with more non customer

– there are always gaps and ways to add value to a client. Your job is to dig until you find them. Make sure you carefully read and study Chapter 4 before you do this assignment. Also, make sure you include an introductory section on this assignment, telling me a bit about the company and what you have done with them up to this point.