Racial Discrimination

racial discrimination

In 500-750 words, write an essay that addresses the following: racial discrimination in the education

environment is a controversial topic of racism discrimination is dominant between whites and blacks in

various American societies and in the K-12 system

1. Discuss your own placement on the cultural competence continuum in relation to the controversial

issue you chose to write about in this course.
2. Reflect on what factors throughout your life resulted in your place on the continuum.
3. Reflect on where you would like to be on the continuum to be an effective educator who respects

individuals with differing personal and family backgrounds, and who has various skills, abilities,

perspectives, talents and interests, including any steps you could take to help you get to that point.(racial discrimination)
4. Conclude by describing the effect the controversial issue you have chosen may have on you as a

future teacher, and on your future students. Offer potential solutions for the issues you identified that

you could implement in your future classroom.