Dead Sea Scrolls

Dead Sea Scrolls:

The Thanksgiving Scrolls Summarize the opinions of the recent scholars you read.
Describe the scroll you chose to write on.
Analyze it.
History behind the Thanksgiving Scrolls in the Dead Sea Scrolls
Minimum of five sources.
Chicago Writing Style
Dead Sea Scrolls: The Thanksgiving Scroll
Course Book: The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English by Geza Vermes Dead Sea Scrolls

2.2.1. Paper number, Title of paper, Date.
2.2.2. Papers should follow the Chicago Writing Style.
2.2.3. All statements should be followed by foot or end notes. No statement should be made without any reference
2.2.5. Submit a bibliographical list.
2.2.6. Use at least 5 different sources, books articles encyclopedia entries etc. to your paper. You may use Internet sources. Be very careful and critical with Internet sources.   Dead Sea Scrolls
Be sure to cite the source precisely. Do not use more than two web sites of your entire five sources. Be very critical using your bibliography. Remember, the bottom line is to produce a paper that is scientific, logic and makes sense    Dead Sea Scrolls