capitalism materialism love, death.

Identities and consequently changed of two characters

Reinvention of one’s identity or collective transformation through political crisis or both are major themes in novels such as Orlando, The Great Gatsby and July’s people. Chose two main characters from the above mentioned novels and explain how and why their identities and consequently their lives are changed. Explain and analyze some of the factors that lead to change with own understanding. Try to use comparable characters and incorporate some of themes, such as, capitalism, greed,fluidity, acceleration,gender, materialism, revolution, repression, love, death.

These two main characters must come from these 3 novels (Orlando by Virginia Woolf ; The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald ; July’s People by Nadine Gordimer),these two characters can chose from same or different book. Their identities and consequently must can compare to each other. In the essay, can bring some examples from the novels, but no introduction, no story line and story details.