Book Review

Book Review

Discuss the contemporary problems raised in each of the three following essays
1. Nicholas Carr, “Is google making us stupid?”.
2. James McBIDE ,”Hip-hop planet”

Book Review
3. Joseph Epstein, “The perpetual adolescent”.

Do them separately
(700 words)

Book Review

Question 2:
Discuss the relevance of the book, “The man who mistook his wife for a hat”, by Oliver Sacks. Be very specific, don’t just summarize, but analyze.

What is the book mainly talking about?
Pick one thing that interests you.
(350 words)

Question 3:
Discuss the “journey” taken in Sherman Alexie’s “The joy of reading and writing: superman and me” and Alice Walker’s “Beauty: when the other dancer is the self”.
Sherman Alexie’s “The Joys of Reading & Writing: Superman & Me”
(450 words)

Question 4:
What is the effectiveness of using such unconventional ideas or characters as in Jonathan Swift’s “A modest proposal”, and Kafka’s “the metamorphosis”
(500 words)

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