MPF753 – Finance

MPF753 – Finance: Assignment 2-Trimester 3, 2016
General Information
1. This assignment makes up 30% of your total assessment in this unit.
2. Due Date: Monday 9th January 2017 (Week 8) no later than 4:59 pm (AEST).
A request for a time extension must be made in writing  addressed to the at least one day before the due date. Please note that since
students will have several weeks to complete this assignment and are expected to make
a diligent use of that allotted time, being unfit on the due date or just one or two days
prior to the due date may not be an acceptable ground for an extension to be granted.
3. This assignment is to be completed in a group of two (or individually if prior permission has
been sought from the Assignment Coordinator). The first page of your assignment report
must clearly show the full names and student ID numbers of both group members.
4. The word limit is 2500 words (excluding tables, figures, appendices and reference list).
5. Marked assignment report and feedback will be returned to you within 15 working days of
the due date (or extended due date of the assignment if the time extension has been
Group Submission: As a ‘group of two’ students
1. Your assignment must be lodged electronically via the CloudDeakin site for this Unit.
Please DO NOT submit your assignment by email or send us a hard copy under any
Please submit your assignment as a SINGLE MSS Word document (no PDFs or other file
2. There is a link called ‘Groups’ on your CloudDeakin (under ‘Collaborate’). Please use this link
to register your assignment group one week prior to the assignment due date. i.e. Please
use this link to register your assignment group before Christmas. You can register in a group
of 2 students (or group of 1 for individual submission).
3. Please coordinate your enrolment with your group partner; i
4. Please do not ‘force’ yourself into someone else’s group unless you have consent to do so –
You will be removed from the group if this happens and your submission would not be
considered as valid!
How to submit your file?
1. Please ensure that you name your WORD document with your student number, if you
submit in a group; please name it with both student numbers, e.g. 1234508_1234509.doc or
1234566.doc (if submitted as an individual assignment).
2. Ensure to submit ONE MS WORD file only, workings in excels is to be embedded into the
word file (embedded means the marker can click on your table which will then open in
excel, so we can check your workings). Do not submit separate files.
Steps of embed excel file into word: Choose insert —> object —> create from file —> browse
your file and choose the one you want to embed ——> click ‘display as icon’
3. You must include a comprehensive list of references for both your data sources as well as
citations. Please use the Harvard system for citation and referencing.
4. There is no official assignment cover sheet. Before submitting your assignment report,
please read the plagiarism and collusion declaration section in the assignment submission

MPF753 – Finance
5. Also, please be aware that the Turnitin © function is provided to help you check the
originality of your work and make changes if warranted. If needed, you will be able to make
changes to the assignment document even after submission into the drop-box – the dropbox
will allow multiple submissions until the due date (each attempt overrides previous
attempts – so the last submitted version of your assignment is retained in the system).
6. All submissions will be checked for plagiarism using the Turnitin© software. If plagiarism is
suspected for an assignment, it will automatically be referred to the Faculty’s Student
Misconduct Committee and thereafter it will be entirely the FSMC’s decision as to what
happens next – the unit teaching team would have no further role in that regard and would
act on the advice of the FSMC.

MPF753 – Finance
Graduate Learning Outcomes
1. Discipline-specific knowledge and capabilities: appropriate to the level of study related to a
discipline or profession.
2. Digital literacy: using technologies to find, use and disseminate information.
Step-by-Step instructions on Data Access for Assignment 2
How to download Share price data using DatAnalysis Premium:
Step 1: Please open the Deakin University library website:
Step 2: Click ‘Option’ —> ‘A-Z database’ —> In the search field please enter the words
“DatAnalysis Premium” and click on “Search”
Step 3: Your search will return a weblink: “DatAnalysis Premium” – please click on that weblink
and login with your Deakin username and password.
Step 4: After you have clicked on the weblink the following information should be displayed: