WRIT 106 Critical Analysis Assignment (15%)

Write a critical analysis paragraph of the article entitled “Cancelling Halloween is an act of ghoulish politics”by André Picard. The article is available at this link: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/article-cancelling-

halloween-is-an-act-of-ghoulish-politics/•In a paragraph, critique the author’s argument based on how the he uses

the rhetorical appeals of logos (logic), emotion (pathos), and credibility(ethos)(as discussed in our learning

modules). You must analyze at least two of these rhetorical appeals.•

WRIT 106 Critical Analysis Assignment

You will do the following in your critical analysis paragraph:1.Provide a topic sentence and introduce your evaluation.2.Then provide a direct quote from the article in

which the author is using at least two rhetorical appeals. You can choose a quote that spans multiple

paragraphs.Cite the relevant paragraph number(s)of your quote by using a footnote in the McGill Guide citation style

for online newspaper articles. I will post more information about how to do this

WRIT 106 Critical Analysis Assignment

3.Summarize the quote in your own words.4.Identify the rhetorical appeals as well as analyze how the author seems to be using them.5.Evaluate the

effectiveness of the author’s attempts to validate his claim(s) and appeal to his readers.•For examples of two critical

analysis paragraphs, refer to the Week Seven module in Learning Materials. I have also attached these examples to

this assignment in the Assignments section of Blackboard.•Your analysis should not exceed 750words.•Please

double-space your analysis and use 12-point font that is easy to read (Arial and Times New Roman are both good

font choices).

 WRIT 106 Critical Analysis Assignment

WRIT 106 Critical Analysis Assignment RubricCriteria90-100%80-89%70-79%60-69%50-59%0-49%Quality of

Analysis(30):clear focus;concise;detailed examination of at least twoof the authors’ appeals to emotion,

credibility,and/orlogic; accurate quotation used to support analysis with accuratefoot note citation; all five parts of the

paragraph are present as outlined in the assignment instructions.

WRIT 106 Critical Analysis Assignment

Structure(10): logically organized with topic sentence that includes author’s name and title of the article, as well as

the author’s thesis;the next sentence includes the student’s overall evaluation of whether or not the author’s

argument is convincing;coherent, unified and developed paragraph with all five parts present in the order in which

they are listed in the instructions to this assignment.Quality of Writing(15):appropriate tone; clear and concise;no

grammatical errors;