Module 3 Great Leaders

Module 3 – Great Leaders

The first assignment in this course gave you the opportunity to compare and contrast managers and leaders. Sometimes managers are great leaders, but sometimes the two roles do not coexist in the same person. Can these managers become great leaders? Indeed, can every person become a great leader? In this assignment you will identify a great leader and consider the answers to these questions.

Module 3 Great Leaders
Complete this assignment by doing the following:
Reflect upon a great leader in your life. Spend some time learning more about this person. Consider the attributes that make this person a great leader.
Review Chapter 11 in your text and consider the leadership traits and styles mentioned therein.
Prepare a brief written response with the following information:
Profile your choice of a leader. Who are they? What do they do? How do you know them? (5 points)
Describe the process or criteria you used to decide what makes a good leader. Why are these good criteria? (5 points)

Module 3 Great Leaders

Describe the specific leadership traits possessed by the leader you have chosen that you believe make him or her an effective leader. Chose one trait, and give an example of a specific experience that demonstrates your leader has this trait. (10 points)
Using the language from the book, describe your leader’s leadership style. (5 points)
Conclude by explaining whether or not you feel the leadership traits your choice has can be developed. (5 points)

Module 3 Great Leaders

Submit your response according to the submission guidelines below.
Your assignment is worth 30 points. The point values associated with each element of the assignment are indicated above. You will receive full credit if you thoughtfully and accurately address each element in your assignment.

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