Team Roles

Module 4 – Team Roles
Discuss  РTeam Roles

A team will typically move through five phases of development during its life cycle. The first of these stages is forming, during which time team members experience mixed feelings of excitement, anticipation, optimism, and anxiety. You may feel some of these feelings as you anticipate working with your peers throughout this course. Some of the important tasks of the forming stage include getting to know your team members, discovering team roles, determining acceptable group behavior, and establishing a pathway for accomplishing team projects.
This assignment, coupled with the first team assignment, will help you work through some of these tasks. Specifically, this assignment will give you the opportunity to learn about team roles. The research you complete in this assignment is required for you to effectively participate in the first team assignment.

Team Roles

To complete this assignment, do the following:
Research common roles of team members. You might begin by performing a simple Internet search of “team roles.” Make a note of the various classification systems used for identifying team roles. Consider the following questions as you research:
Which Team Roles do you think you’ve played as a member of a team in the past?
Which ones would you like to play during this course?
Why do you feel you would be a good fit in each of those roles?
Submit a document summarizing your personal research on team roles. This does not have to be a lengthy report, but a short essay on the types of roles you found. Be sure to cite your sources at the end of the document using APA styling. Include the answers to the three questions above in your document, and submit it according to the submission guidelines below.
Read all of your peer students’ posts and respond to 2 other student posts. Your response should include a fair review of their post and information presented, organization of ideas, accuracy of content, and any personal insights gained.¬†*Only 2 peer reviews per post. If you find a post with 2 reviews already posted, please move on to another post that does not have 2 peer reviews yet.


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