Conflict Resolution Skills

Discuss – Develop Your Conflict Resolution Skills


You will encounter many conflicts throughout your life, and it is important that you develop the skills to address these conflicts in the right way for the given situation. The reading for this module introduced you to several well-known conflict management styles: avoidance, accommodation, competition, compromise, and collaboration. Each of these styles has their pros and cons; you need to know how to use each of them, as well as when it is appropriate to use each style. This assignment will give you the opportunity to practice the appropriate use of these styles.

IConflict Resolution Skills


Complete this assignment by doing the following:

  1. Read the scenario below. Place yourself in the role of the reservations call center manager.
  2. Help Sally and Dave resolve their differences. Choose two conflict management styles and explain what you (as the manager), Sally, and Dave each should do to resolve the conflict using each of the two styles you chose.
  3. After explaining what each person should do using the two different styles, identify which of the two styles you believe would the best to use in this situation. Briefly explain why you believe this choice would be the best option.
  4. Submit your assignment to the discussion thread.

Conflict Resolution Skills


Sally and Dave share a workstation at a reservations call center. The call center operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so all workstations are shared among at least two employees. Dave covers the late shift, from 11:00 PM to 7:30 AM, and Sally works from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. The workstation remains empty the rest of the day.
Conflict Resolution Skills

Because workstations are shared, employees are asked to keep personal effects to a minimum and limited to one side of the workstation. Hence, employees have one bulletin board upon which to place pictures, reminders and other notes, as well as one desk drawer in which to store personal belongings.

Employees are also asked to keep their workstations clean. Employees are to wipe the workstation with antibacterial wipes at the beginning of the shift and ensure the desktops are clean of belongings and work materials at the end of each shift. A custodial crew, if asked, will deep clean each workstation once a week.

The Conflict

The call center manager has recently received complaints from both Sally and Dave. You can read each of their stories from their own point of view below.

Conflict Resolution Skills


Working the late shift has its perks. I’m there for my kids when they get home from school or need to go to soccer and basketball. People on this shift get weekends off as well. But it has its drawbacks. It’s tough staying awake during the last few hours of the shift. I usually keep a few snacks around to help keep me awake. Sunflower seeds and gummy candy do the trick. A few energy drinks don’t hurt either. The trouble is Sally is always coming in early. I never have enough time get my desk cleaned out, let alone shut down my computer. Also, Sally is always taking down the pictures of my kids. She gets to have pictures of her family up everywhere. They cover every inch of available space– so why does she always insist on taking mine down? Does she think I want to stare at her sisters and nieces for 8 ½ hours each night? I’d like a few reminders of my own family, so every day I’m putting my picture back up. Not to mention it’d be nice to have a few inches of space for job aides. I never had any trouble sharing workstations until I’ve been placed with Sally. Now it’s a nightmare. The manager has got to do something about this.

Conflict Resolution Skills


I’ll be honest – I took this job for the flight benefits. There’s nothing like having the opportunity to travel to visit my family. They’re my everything; and it’s worth putting up with some grumpy customers to have that benefit. But I’ll tell you what’s worse than grumpy customers – disrespectful coworkers. I can’t stand them…and Dave is one of them. I mean, does he think he owns the cubicle? He is always staying late, doesn’t bother picking up after himself. The workstation is a mess when I get in. Don’t think talking to him does anything about it…I asked him if he wouldn’t mind be a little more tidy, and the next day he had the audacity to put his things in my desk drawer. To top it off, he’s always putting his pictures on my side of the cubicle, covering my family photos. I’d like to transfer to another station, but it doesn’t appear anything is available for the next little while.




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