Written Report DRAFT

Written Report DRAFT


Just as a blue print must be generated before the manufacture of an aircraft, the writing of your report narrative begins in draft form.  This process steps turns all of the planning and processes into a coherent written paper that can be read by your audience when in its final, published form.  But for now, create the rough draft.

Writing this report draft will involve a 2-step process.  Each step progressing and shaping the document towards its final form.  You are better off to write and develop your text quickly and through an iterative process of continual improvement vice trying to make a perfected document in one go.  To complete the final document sooner, you actually have to slow down and write your draft quicker.  What?”



Written Report DRAFT

First draft exercise

The key in the 1st step is to write, and write without too much concern about grammar, transitions and accurate referenced citations.  Yes, the rough draft will be polished before it is submitted, but that level of draft proofing does not come until after the basic narrative is written.

The first rough draft will include a citation short-hand so that the author’s concentration is focused on drafting written content and not on the details of generating appropriate and accurate in-text citations and reference list at the end of the document.  The goal right now is getting pen to paper or keyboard to text on your screen.

Second draft exercise

The 2nd step is to create a readable draft placing the in-text citations into place and generating the reference list.  All this activity at this point is to begin conforming the document to the required format and style outlined in the APA, 7th Ed. Publication Manual.  It doesn’t have to be perfect yet, but the author wants to be as close as possible to make the final draft easier to polish.

Written Report DRAFT


Complete this research process step by doing the following:

Task 1 – 1st Draft Exercise, create a draft narrative

  1. Using the annotated report outline as a foundation, begin to draft a coherent written narrative for the report draft.
  2. Ensure that the sequence numbers used to identify the annotations remain aligned in sequence with the associated reference source.  If additional reference sources are added to the document, add them to the end of the rough reference list generated previously.
  3. This task will not be submitted.
  4. Written Report DRAFT

Task 2 – 2nd Draft Exercise, proof the report draft

  1. Proof the initially drafted narrative by reading, editing, rereading and re-editing the text of the report document.
  2. The rough draft IS NOT a final draft, but it should be in a readable form for others to read and proof for you if available and desired.
  3. The UVU Writing Center is an excellent source of advice and information as you complete this phase of the capstone project.
  4. It is a good idea at this point to use the APA, 7th Ed, Style Guide within the Purdue Owl, to generate appropriate citations and a reference list.
  5. This task will be submitted for review.