Capstone Research Presentation

Capstone Research Presentation

The Aerospace Technology Management Capstone project is a culminating experience that requires the student to utilize their knowledge and experience gained throughout their course of study to generate a formal collegiate-level written capstone report and presentation.  The capstone project report presentation requires the final written report to be completed fist. The presentation is simply a summation of your project report to an audience of stakeholders, peers, and evaluators of your work.  This assignment will help you establish a professional presence and skills necessary to prepare a professional presentation to your peers, customers, and to the public in general.  It is your goal is to not only inform your audience, but to persuade them to your point of view and any recommendations related to your project.

Capstone Research Presentation

This instruction is specifically for the capstone project report presentation.  The capstone project written report is addressed in a separate set of instructions.


To provide the student the opportunity to achieve the following goals through the research findings presentation process:

(Note:  Same purpose as the research project, but now delivered persuasively by the researcher.)

Capstone Research Presentation

    1. Development, understanding and application of research methods, report generation and effective communication of findings.
    2. Exploration of research topics that add to the body of knowledge related to the discipline and inspires further inquiry.
    3. Achieve mastery of knowledge in a topic of focus that interests the student and can be applied in potential future career paths.
    4. Aids in bringing greater public awareness and solution recommendations on issues surrounding the professional discipline of Aerospace Technology Management and potentially creates a catalyst for further safety, operational, sustainment, business and infrastructure development.

Capstone Research Presentation

Course Impact

The Capstone Research Project Report Presentation will be a significant portion of the AVSC 4950 course grade (30%).  Modules 9 through 11 will take you step by step through the presentation development process.  Note:  The course cannot be completed successfully unless a collegiate-level presentation is given to conclude the course requirements.  The absence of a presentation or a presentation that does not meet the standards of collegiate-level capstone project work, will result in failure of the course.

Capstone Research Presentation


Your presentation topic is established by the content of your capstone project final written report.  No additional information should be added unless as a post-script to your research that is a point of interest or relevant for consideration as new information may have arisen after the final report has been submitted.  You can develop your presentation concurrently with the development of your research project.  A basic outline of your content is already established based upon the defined outline of your written report.  This outline may be modified as needed to prioritize content and to meet the presentation time requirements.

Have fun with this assignment but do take it seriously as an aerospace professional.  You never know where this course, or the presentation, may take you.

[Tip: Present in an interesting and informative manner (similar to a TED talk is acceptable)]

  1. Prepare the presentation following the requirements and instructions outlined in course Modules 9 thru 11 and within this instruction sheet.  This is the primary sheet to follow to identify the requirements of the presentation.  The aforementioned modules aid in presentation development.
  2. Generate, submit and deliver the presentation.

Capstone Research Presentation

Presentation Requirements 

  1. Time requirement: Minimum – 10 minutes, Maximum – 13 minutes.
  2. The presentation is to be presented by the student using voice narration.
  • Note:  Traditional and hybrid delivered courses require a face to face student presentation to the class.
  1. A digital copy of your presentation (with a voice narration) must be submitted.
  • Presentation file must be submitted in a readable format by the instructor.  Only .ppt, .pdf., .mp4, Kaltura, Stream, files will be accepted. Links to Google docs, Prezi, or other cloud-based files will not be accepted.  However, YouTube links are acceptable but cannot require permission to access it.  The instructor must be able to access any approved file or link on the first try.
  1. Content will include the following slide sections
  • Title slide
  • Research Summary
    • Based on written report content
  • Recommendations
  • Closing
    • Opportunities for further research
    • Lessons learned (what you would do differently)
    • How did this project benefit you?  How did you develop professionally?
    • Capstone Research Presentation
  1. Each slide (except the Title slide) is to utilize a brief takeaway statement
  2. Format and structure of content must be clear, concise and readable by the audience viewing from a PC.
  3. Graphical Illustrations or pictures must be used and appropriately placed to add interest or to clarify a point
  4. Language and tone must be business appropriate and convincing
  5. Relax, have fun.  Being a scholar or business professional does not have to be an overly starched suit!
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