Researching Organizational Structures

DiscussĀ – Researching Organizational Structures

Corporate downsizing, mergers and acquisitions, innovation and new technologies, and improvements in efficiency are just a few of the things that cause a need for improving and/or changing organizational structure. It is essential that an organization has a structural layout that helps it accomplish its goals.
Researching Organizational Structures

Because of the rise in online bookings, Wolverine Airlines is finding that the productivity and utility of its reservations center has significantly declined. The organization wishes to avoid layoffs and has decided to restructure the reservations center. It will now be a call center tasked with handling the following types of calls:

  • employee flight benefits
  • flight check-ins
  • flight status
  • refunds
  • customer loyalty programs
  • customer complaints
  • travel procedures
  • prohibited items
  • loyalty program reservations
  • new reservations
  • reservations changes and cancellations
  • rebooking cancellations
  • flight changes
  • 3rd-party bookings
  • 3rd-party complaints
  • travel packages (to include hotel, car, destination spots, etc.)
  • concierge services
  • VIP customer service
  • cargo
  • Researching Organizational Structures
  • general baggage questions
  • lost or damaged baggage
  • group travel
  • business/charter operations
  • international support
  • compliments
  • technical and web support

You have been contracted to assist Wolverine Airlines by providing recommendations for the organizational structure of the new call center department.

Researching Organizational Structures


To complete this assignment, do the following:

  1. Research call center organizational structures. Prepare one paragraph that summarizes your research. Conclude by brainstorming or outlining ideas for an organizational structure for Wolverine Airlines. Cite references used.